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Correlation-European Harm Reduction Network [C-EHRN] [101008038] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

The overall objective of Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network (C-EHRN) is to improve the access to and the
quality of harm reduction services for PWUDs including other related vulnerable and marginalised people and to enhance
policies and practices that increase social inclusion. The strategic objectives, activities and operational targets of C-EHRN
are organised in four different pillars: Network, Monitoring and data collection, Capacity building and Advocacy. The network
pillar strives to improve and strengthen the overall structure of C-EHRN and creates the prerequisites for the implementation
of actions in the other three content-based pillars. These focus on drug use and harm reduction (HR) in general and more
specifically on HCV in substance users, new drug trends and drug using patterns and overdose prevention. Activities within
the various pillars inform and contribute to each other. C-EHRN activities in 2021 build upon the developments and
achievements of the previous years and respond to current challenges. In short, this includes: Network: Further expansion
and strengthening of the network, by utilizing the expertise of its members and by involving them actively in the development
and the implementation of C-EHRN activities. Monitoring: Enhance the content and the implementation of the C-EHRN
monitoring tool, by building onthe learninh of 2019 and 2020 and by improving coverage, outcomes and
applicability of the tool. C-EHRN Focal Points and the Scientific Expert Group (SEG) will play a
major role in this process. Capacity Building: Ongoing collection of resources and tools for the online knowledge and
training hub and development of thematic papers, materials and development and organisation of two thematic expert meetings. Advocacy: Identify and analyse relevant policy developments and formulate an updated advocacy strategy for 2021. C-EHRN
activities and policy recommendations.