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A Plan for Action: Ensuring Equitable, Affordable and Responsibly Used Medicines in the European Union [HAI SGA 2021] [101015503] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

Health Action International’s work in Europe focuses on improving access to medicines through evidence-based advocacy, sharing expertise and engaging for change. To do this we campaign for greater transparency, and rationally used, affordable, safe and effective medicines.

European Parliament Working Group on Innovation, Access to Medicines and Poverty-related Diseases: HAI and MSF provide the secretariat for a group of European Parliamentarians interested in access to medicines issues. Over 2021 we will mobile this group to advocate on numerous issues.

Furthermore, we aim to change the narrative around TRIPS flexibilities to encourage more regular use of these legitimate tools. In 2021, we will implement the conclusions of the Great Health Hack, including producing the beta version of the technical solution suggested by participants. We hope to broaden understanding of the evidence base behind IP flexibilities and facilitate more policymakers to support implementation of a sustainable pricing system.

We will continue to share our recommendations how Member States can achieve greater transparency in medicines prices, research and development (R&D) costs and reimbursement decisions.

We will facilitate medical students and healthcare professionals to detect, counter and avoid exposure to pharmaceutical promotion.

As always, there will be many other upcoming issues and opportunities in access to medicines this year, both regionally and globally. We will be watching how other dossiers and events unfold in the fight against medicine shortages, also in light of COVID-19.

We pride ourselves on being active members of European civil society and part of the global access to medicines movement, via groups like the European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines, Medicijnen Netwerk Nederland, HTA Network Stakeholder Pool and the EMA PCWP.