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Project abstract

National Focal Points form an advisory system to participants that operate locally, and with the capacity of allowing equitable
participation in the EU Health Programme across countries.

To provide high quality services to potential applicants and project participants, NFPs should have a common sound knowledge of the rules and procedures of the EU Health Programme. Besides, they should be aware of other available initiatives at both national/regional and EU level that may complement or fit better the needs of national health communities. This last includes leading stakeholders to the right person or organisation, so they can be duly informed.

NFP4Health will contribute to create an innovative, sustainable and coherent network of NFPs that will increase the capacity of the Member States to design and create sustainable implementation actions that will boost the achievement of health objectives for the period
2021-2027. The network will create the best framework to contribute to the growth of innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems.
The main goal of increasing capacities of National Focal Points (NFPs) Joint Action is to create and maintain an innovative ecosystem to facilitate and support that European countries can achieve health objectives priorities established for the period 2021-2027. By developing and strengthening the NFPs capacities of European Countries, the Joint Action aims to provide quality access to the new EU4HEALTH Programme and to assure the complementarity with other regional, national and EU policies, funds and programmes. This action will allow maximizing efforts to leverage all available health funding, to guarantee the accessibility and sustainability of healthcare systems.

To really achieve the change it is necessary to help Member States to build their capacity to design sustainable implementation actions,
irrespective of the source of funding being EU4Health or other EU funding instruments.