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European Coordinated Action For The Reduction Of Smoking Prevalence And Tobacco Related Harm [-] [2004323] - Project
General objectives

The general objective of the project is to develop, encourage and support tobacco control and prevention measures, actions and information exchange with the aim of: Ensuring effective intervention and contribution of tobacco control advocates at European/ National policies, strategies and measures. Reducing the prevalence and uptake of tobacco and tobacco related deaths in the European Union.

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme


Methods and means

ENSP will, Grow its network of communication, strongly encouraging new Member States of the enlarged Europe to participate; This growth will empower the ENSP to provide, disseminate and exchange information and best practice, in order to promote and support the development of effective tobacco control legislation. To coordinate a ENSP network conference, and a technical stakeholders meetings as well as seminars and activities, to promote consensus buidling and dilucidating the way forward and priorities as well as providing information and echanging best practises on specific tobacco control issues Visits to New member states coalitions in order to investigate further specific country issues and provide personalised advice and promote coordination. Publish weekly European News Bulletins and information releases (ad hoc) that compiles European and International tobacco control information as well as serve as tools for the exchange of best practice.

Expected outcomes period

Work package n° 1 – Coordination and capacity building for the reduction of smoking prevalence and tobacco related harm Work package n° 2 – Disemination of information and results Work package n°3 – Support and encourage legislation Work package n° 4 – Why people smoke: Guideliness for tailored smoking cessationWork package n° 5 – Heath Impact Assessment of the Smoking ban in Ireland/ ETS markers Work package n° 6 – ENQ European Network of Quitlines- Developing Best Practice tools and policy recommendations Work package n° 7 – European Medical Associations Tobacco Control Resource Centre: Enhancing Action By European Medical Associations In Support Of Evidence-Based Public Health Policies On Tobacco Work package n° 8 – Health professionals and smoking cessation phase 2 Work package n° 9 – ETS- prevalence of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in European and accession countries Work package n° 10 – European Network for Smoke Free Hospitals and Maternities Work package n° 11 – European Action on Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy Work package n° 12 – Improved monitoring to support policies tackling inequalities in smoking in the European Union Work package n° 13 – Measuring Tobacco Control from the General Population Perspective- European Survey on Tobacco Control Attitudes and Knowledge (ESTA) Work package n° 14 – The Partnership Action for the Great European Smoke-Out: Detailed description of the Project (PAGES)

Start date: 01/03/2005
End date: 01/03/2006
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: First Programme of Community action in the field of public health (2003-2008)
EC Contribution: € 2 492 335,51
Portfolio: Tobacco