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EUROCHIP-III "Common Actions" [EUROCHIP3] [2007121] - Project
General objectives

EUROCHIP3 is a multidisciplinary 3-year common-action project involving all EU Member States (MS) to remedy major inequalities in cancer, and form the pillars of a EU cancer control strategy. The cancer inequalities addressed were identified by EUROCHIP2. EUROCHIP3 will work offering economies of scale and solidarity-based initiatives.

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme

In spite of impressive progress in our understanding of cancer control remains inadequate: 1. Women die for avoidable causes of death: excess of cervical cancer mortality because of lack of screening in Eastern European countries. 2. The European cancer information system is quite complete in some Member States and poor in others. 3. The rehabilitation needs of people with a past diagnosis of cancer are often inadequately met. 4. Cancer management costs are increasing faster than resources: a global discussion has to be promoted.

Methods and means

EUROCHIP3 is organized into work packages (WP): WP4 to promote actions aimed to reduce avoidable cervical cancer deaths in 5 MS (focus on cancer in women); WP5 to promote collection of cancer registration indicators; WP6 to develop indicators for rehabilitation of cancer survivors; WP7 to discuss and investigate methods to reduce costs of cancer control (priority: childhood cancers and female breast cancer). The work is carried out by the existing EUROCHIP network, operating on a consensus conference method and based on solidarity principles. The Network is composed by the EUROCHIP Panel of Experts (i.e. one delegate from each one of the 27 EU MS), several EU health authorities, all the most relevant cancer networks, agencies and organizations, over 100 cancer researchers and cancer stakeholders in the EU.

Expected outcomes period

EUROCHIP3 will promote specific actions to reduce cancer inequalities, disseminate best practices drafted by experts, and suggest new strategies to reduce costs, thereby helping to improve access to cancer care for EU citizens.

Start date: 01/09/2008
End date: 01/03/2012
Duration: 42 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: First Programme of Community action in the field of public health (2003-2008)
EC Contribution: € 603 000,00