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European Public Health Alliance [EPHA] [20083274] - Operating Grant
Mission and vision of the operating grant holder

The mission of EPHA is to pay a leading role by advocating for a healthier European society and greater participation of people in policy making at the European level.

The vision of EPHA is to achieve an equitable European society where all individuals enjoy good health and well-being regardless of their socio-economic status. European institutions that are accountable and accessible, policy-making that is transparent and with real opportunities for stakeholder input. Public health as a priority for all actors and addressed rigourously across all policy areas and legislation, and utilising proven public health models and evidence-based population health interventions.

Strategic objectives and specific activities

- Strategic Objective 1 for 2009: Improving the governance and sustainability of EPHA
Related activities:
1. Executive Committee elections Organise and deliver fair elections with opportunity for all members to participate.
2. Review of EPHA governance procedures (in response to action from General Assembly, June 2008) Undertake a review of EPHA governance procedures as outlined by the Statutes and Internal Rules. Compare the existing procedures to European and international NGO standards. Suggest revisions or improvements to existing rules if necessary or appropriate to be approved by the General Assembly.
3. EPHA Work Programme 2010-2014 Organise a full consultation with members and other stakeholders to develop a Business Plan and Work Programme for the period 2010 to 2014.
4. Fund-raising Identify and explore opportunities for fund-raising to meet the 2010 operational needs
5. Proposal for the future sustainability of EPHA Develop a long-term proposal for EPHA for approval by the General Assembly. This will explore sustainability of funding and activities
- Strategic Objective 2 for 2009: Improving communication and services
Related activities
6. Communication Strategy for EPHA Develop an overall communication strategy for EPHA to maximise its impact and visibility amongst members and stakeholders.
7. Review of website Undertake a needs-based review of the website from the perspective of members. Amend and update the website accordingly.
8. Review of member services Undertake a review of the various services EPHA offers to members and non-members to improve the targeting and outreach of these services, and to ensure that the distribution of internal resources meets needs and is balanced.

- Strategic Objective 3 for 2009: Improving representativeness and training
Related activities:
9. Increased membership from underrepresented sectors and geographical spread Focus activity in Poland and Hungary in order to increase health civil society engagement in European Affairs. Target other social and professional organisations at European level to continue to increase diversity amongst the governing structures of EPHA and to bring other stakeholders into health policy.
10. Development of training plans for national partners Develop a training template for NGOs and civil society at national level on the EU and public health. Pilot template in one member state with cooperation and input from national civil society.

- Strategic Objective 4 for 2009: Maintaining a public health approach to policy-making
EPHA will focus activity on the following policy-related topics in 2009:
1. Food Information
2. Alcohol policy
3. EU approach to health determinants
4. Information to Patients
5. Patient Rights
6. Health Professionals
7. Patient Safety
8. Institutional changes in Europe
9. Post-Lisbon Strategy
10. Better Regulation
11. Stakeholder engagement in EU decision-making
12. Inequalities and vulnerable groups

Expected outcomes

EPHA expects the following outcomes for 2009 emerging from its activities:

Information dissemination
- increase in the subscription to the newsletters
- increase in website traffic
- increased awareness amongst stakeholders of policy issues and EU activities
- peer reporting of the Reports
- increased use of the public fora (online discussion groups)

- successful delivery and participation policy coordination meetings
- increase in knowledge and engagement of recipients of training
- website traffic to the online guides
- successful participation of young people in the EPHA internship programme

Coordinated action
- input into policy process by consultation response
- peer use and reporting of position papers
- successful delivery and participation in EPHA Working Groups

Start date: 01/01/2009
End date: 01/01/2010
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 511 359,60
Portfolio: Interest groups