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European Conference on Immunisation Information Systems [ECISS] [20094101] - Conference
General objectives

To initiate a collaboration on the development and use of IIS (Immunisation Information System) by:
1) Describing uses of IIS, from the perspective of vaccinees, health care providers, e health program developers, public health agencies, regulatory agencies, academic institutions and vaccine manufactures, including use in management of health programs and research
2) Describing the status of IIS in EC
3) Identifying areas were collaboration would be beneficial
4) Proposing objectives and forms for future collaboration
5) Developing a strategy for implementation
6) Forming a network for developing proposals for projects

Expected achievements

Expected outcomes of the conference:
- Identification and description of current and planned IIS.
- A consensus on workgroup will be formed of the relevant European bodies
- Identification of a lead agency
- Formation of a network of national and regional IIS
- Development of a strategic plan for collaboration of IIS in EU
- Development of an outline of project proposal(s) on development of IIS
- Development of an outline project proposal for a 2nd European Conference on IIS

Target audience

- Managers of national and regional immunisation programs in EU member and candidate countries, EFTA-EEA countries;
- Managers of IIS at national and regional levels;
- Researchers and specialists in the fields of health informatics, system design, ethics, vaccinology, pharmocoepidemiology, regulatory affairs, public health administration and related disciplines;
- Vaccine manufacturers;
- Representatives from ECDC, DG SANCO, EMEA and WHOs regional office for Europe and EU networks, including EUVAC, VENICE and VAESCO;
- In addition to European participants two invited speakers from the USA will attend.

Conference programme

See the conference website:

Start date: 20/03/2010
End date: 20/03/2011
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 42 567,99