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Stichting Aids Fonds - Soa Aids Nederland [SANL_FY2012] [20113210] - Operating Grant
Mission and vision of the operating grant holder

Stichting Aids Fonds - Soa Aids Nederland (SANL) is host organisation of the network AIDS Action Europe (AAE). SANL is a national organisation involved in STI/HIV control and sexual health promotion.
AAE`s mission is to unite civil society to work towards a more effective response to the HIV epidemic in Europe and Central Asia. We strive for better protection of human rights and universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support. We work towards a reduction of health inequalities focussing on most at risk populations and the epidemic in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
As regional network of ICASO (International Council of AIDS Service Organizations), AAE is part of ICASO`s mission to mobilize and support diverse community organizations to build an effective global response to HIV and AIDS. This is done within a vision of a world where people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS can enjoy life free from stigma, discrimination, and persecution, and have universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support.
AAE`s core values: be accountable and hold others accountable; be transparent; be inclusive; put in practice the GIPA principle (greater involvement of people living with HIV); work from a human rights based approach; facilitate a networking and partnership culture; be cost-effective; make a difference.
Our mission is communicated through our website, in leaflets, works plans and annual reports.

Strategic objectives and specific activities

AAE`s general objectives in Europe and Central Asia:
Strengthen civil society`s contribution to a more effective response to the HIV epidemic by:
- Making an effective and meaningful contribution to regional and national policies related to HIV and AIDS;
- Facilitating continuous exchange among NGOs on good practices and lessons learned related to HIV and AIDS;
- Developing a stronger, more effective organisation and network.

AAE`s core activities focus around advocacy and linking & learning. We focus on most at risk populations such as men having sex with men, people using drugs and migrants as well as on strengthening civil society`s response in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We are however an inclusive network, facilitating learning, exchange and cooperation among NGOs in the wider European and Central Asian region.
AAE undertakes advocacy on global, European and national level. AAE is co-chair of the HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum (CSF) since 2005. Together with co-chair EATG we prepare, organise and chair 2 CSF meetings yearly (Brussels & Luxembourg). AAE also acts as rapporteur of the CSF meetings and ensures follow-up communications. AAE is also member of the HIV/AIDS Think Tank (TT). This facilitates AAE`s pro-active involvement in development and implementation of European HIV/AIDS policies. We played a key role in the development of the EU HIV/AIDS Communication 2009-2013. In 2012 AAE will continue to strengthen involvement of civil society in implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this Communication, based on the results of the mid-term monitoring process carried out together with ECDC in 2011. We will advocate for and contribute to the preparations of a third EU policy beyond 2013. AAE will also develop a specific advocacy plan for 2 key topics to be defined together with our members early 2012. As regional network of ICASO AAE contributes to a more effective response to the global HIV epidemic by providing input and sharing lessons learned from our region and approach.

AAE has committed itself to prevent duplication of existing activities by stimulating linking and learning and encouraging our members and partners to share their work. In 2007 we launched the Clearinghouse - the online database on HIV and AIDS for Europe and Central Asia. It is closely linked to our members section on the AAE website where all member organisations present themselves with their member profiles. The maintenance and promotion of the AAE website and clearinghouse has evolved into one of AAE`s core activities. Maintenance includes day to day updates of both websites as well as their hosting and making technical (usability) improvements. Promotion takes place through different communications activities, including our quarterly e-news, bi-monthly clearinghouse updates, (e)mailings, dissemination of leaflets/flyers and other promotion materials, presentations at events and promotion through other websites (through link-seeding) and social media channels.

AAE also coordinates the project ROST 2010-2012(Responding to HIV through Organisational Support and Technical Cooperation in EECA) through partner organisation AFEW (separate project funding).

Expected outcomes

Objective I: Strengthen civil society contribution to regional and national HIV/AIDS policies and programmes
1. Facilitate contributions to implementation, M&E of Commission Communication + other policies/programmes
(collect/disseminate information about Communication implementation/M&E; promote Communication beyond 2013; input into WHO/UNAIDS/ECDC policies)
2. Act as CSF co-chair
(CSF coordination group: co-chairs AAE & EATG, Ex. Coordinator AAE & EATG policy advisor [AAE co-chair reimbursed as external expert]; 2 CSF meetings (Brussels/Luxembourg); manage online CSF group)
3. Advocate pro-actively as AAE for civil society concerns at European/international policy opportunities and support NGOs in national advocacy
(member inventory key isues; advocacy plan; advocacy at key events [travel of staff & SC members to IAC2012 WDC, HIV in Europe conference (Co-chair AAE)],SANCO High Level Conference, EU Presidencies, ECDC/WHO/UNAIDS meetings,European network/project meetings)
-NGOs/stakeholders are well-informed about relevant policy developments (Indicators(I): 2 CSF meetings with 40 people from 25 countries; no. of NGOs getting information on CSF agenda/ reports; 80% CSF members satisfied with quality of information)
-CSF involved in implementation/monitoring of Communication (I: implementation, M&E of Communication is on agenda of both CSF meetings; no. of CSF members involved in national policy and Communication implementation)
-Civil society concerns are advocated for at international policy opportunities (I: 2 key advocacy issues are put on agenda; min. 3 meetings where AAE presented civil society concerns; no. of petitions disseminated)
Objective II: Increase collaboration, linking & learning, and good practice exchange among NGOs, networks, policy makers and other stakeholders
4. Offer good practice exchange via clearinghouse
(maintenance + promotion clearinghouse [website, newsletters, facebook, twitter, delicious, RSS, Youtube, Linkedin, link seeding, print materials, events (EAHIL Brussels)], mailings EN/RU; clearinghouse internship)
5. Promote linking & learning through collaboration with members/partners/(EU)projects
(above communication channels)
-Clearinghouse + users regularly updated (I: bimonthly clearinghouse updates; new uploads communicated via facebook + twitter)
-Target group use clearinghouse more (I: % increase in new resources; no. of downloads and accounts; 30% traffic via referring sites)
-Target group is satisfied about clearinghouse (I: 60% return visits)
-News, vacancies, events, materials of members/partners disseminated through our communication channels (indicator: via website, members/partners/EU project profiles, e-news, facebook, twitter) and IQhiv website hosted and promoted by AAE
Objective III: Manage internal processes to successfully implement work programme
6. Overall governance by AAE SC
(general management, governance/supervision, M&E, 2 SC/staff meetings [Milan, Minsk], 7 conference calls [SC Chair from Belarus reimbursed as external expert to attend staff meetings & for overall supervision])
7. Implement work programme
(staff & Chair SC meetings; quarterly progress reports; annual report)
8. Network communications
(website; quarterly e-news; (e)mailings; leaflet/flyers/promo materials; events; social media networking)
9. Fundraising and M&E
(manage donor relations incl M&E, donor portfolio, donor acquisition and reporting, work on sustainability/diversity of funding)
- Work programme 2012 implemented as planned (I: 2 SC meeting reports; minutes 7 teleconferences; 90% work done; 2011 annual report online; staff progress reports)
- Increased visibility of AAE and strengthened connection with network (I: 500 members, 1500 monthly web visits, 60% return visits, 100 followers on twitter, 120 facebook fans, lively interaction through social media)
- Secured funding for present work programme and increased sustainability long term (I: higher no, diversity + total amount of sponsors)

Start date: 01/01/2012
End date: 01/01/2013
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 250 000,00