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"Active Ageing citizens at the center of EU health policy".6th European Patients' Rights Day [Active Ageing & health policy] [20114302] - Conference
General objectives

The proposed European Conference, which will take place in the framework of the 6th European Patients` Rights Day aims at reaching the following objectives:

1. increase awareness and information on the active participation of ageing citizens in the enforcement of their patients` rights in all EU countries with their double role of:
- empowered patients who know how to manage their own disease and how to deal with the health care system
- active citizens who act in the community (through trainings, self-help, empowerment of other old people, etc.) and participate in the governance of health-care systems.

2. demonstrate how the active role of "empowered ageing patients/users" can contribute to face the challenges resulting from the crisis of the European social and "demographic" model, maintaining the health care universalism.

3. promote the active participation of ageing people in health-care policy and services in order to enhance well-being in old age and avoid that diseases can be cause of their (and their families) social exclusion.

1. bring together a wide range of stakeholders throughout Europe:
- to reflect on what is currently being done regarding ageing patients` rights
- to discuss how the involvement of ageing patients/users in citizens` organisations dealing with health, can contribute to the well-being of the whole community, as well as to a better management of the crisis faced by healthcare services in all EU countries.

2. contribute, thanks to the collection and sharing of best practices from all EU countries:
- to the development and/or improvement of public policies for the active involvement of ageing patients/users in the health policy and for the empowerment of ageing patients/users
- to reveal the concrete benefits of this approach.

3. promote a broader alliance between citizens` and patients` organisations as well as with other important health care stakeholders such as health professional (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) health institutions, health care structures etc., identifying together Guidelines that can be used at European and national level.

Expected achievements

The number of participants we expect to attend the European Conference will be around 200, from which 65% will come from at least 30 European countries (member states, candidate and associate) and the other 35% from European networks and other stakeholders directly in Brussels.
Over the past years, an average of 180 people participated in the European Conferences organized by Cittadinanzattiva: therefore, there should be no problem in reaching our participant number,as well as a large variety of stakeholders involved.

Approximately, 44.312 of the budget under "other costs" is dedicated to travel and accommodation for civic and patients` organisations from 30 European countries.

Some of the expected participating speakers and members of the Steering and Scientific Committees who will lead all the sessions of the conference should be:
- representatives of the major European Networks on Health. They will represent people involved in the concrete implementation of ageing patients rights such as doctors, nurses, hospitals` associations, pharmacists, ageing patients` organizations (European Forum For Primary Care, European Brain Council - European Federation of Neurological Associations, the CPME (Steering Committee of European Doctors); EPF (European Patient Forum) PGEU (the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union); the European Federation of Nurses Association EFN; HOPE the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation; EPHA European Public Health Alliance; AGE Platform Europe; EURAG (European Federation for Older People); Myeloma Euronet Aisbl),
- European Institutions. The European Commissioner, John Dalli who participated in the last EPRD; Staffan Nilsson, the President of the EESC, the Members of the European Parliament (in particular the MEPs who promoted the European Charter of Patients` Rights); Antonyia Parvanova (ALDE, BL); Gianni Pittella, Vice-President European Parliament (S&D, IT); Franse Grosset (PPE, FR); Corinne Lepage (ALDE, FR); Roberta Angelilli, Vice-President European Parliament (PPE, IT) etc... ,
- National partners (as specified in target participants) and their respective national health authorities,
- Health industries.

The European Conference target is the following: 60 representatives from national civic and patients` organisations from European countries.
Travel and accommodation expenses for civic and patients` organisations and (1 or 2) speakers will be covered by the conference budget in "other costs" (44,312). In particular we will invite and cover expences for 10 participants for each fild of the Best Practices collection (10x3=30).

- National authorities from each involved country & industries (national and European).

- EU networks, Academics and Representatives from European Institutions.

Target audience

The conference will be multistakeholder, with participants at EU as well as national level.
The main target will be citizens and patients` organizations which in particular deal with ageing patients issues, together with health professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacist), and national health authorities.
All the European Institutions will be involved, as every year, in particular the Health Commissioner, the European Economic and Social Committee and members of the European Parliament.
ACN will work in collaboration with other European Networks and national associations to guarantee the greatest diversity of stakeholders.
The organizations currently involved, which will also organize dissemination events are:
EU level:Age Platform Europe,Gamian`Europe,EURAG European Federation of Older People,European Multiple Sclerosis Platform,Alzheimer Europe,European Association Of Senior Hospital Physician,European Multiple Sclerosis Platform,European Parkinson`s Disease Association,European Patients` Forum,Council Of European Dentists,European Federation of Nursing Associations,European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, Pharmaceutical Group Of The European Union,Ecco European Cancer Organization,European Heart Network,European Cancer Patient Coalition,Confederation Of Family Organisation in the Eu, Eular,Euclid network,Health First Europe,European Federation of Neurological Associations.
Belgium:Vlaams Patienplatform vzw and Ligue des Usagers des Services de Santé Bulgaria:Index Foundation,Bulgarian Association for Patience Defense,Women Without Osteoporosis,Association of Women with Cancer and adherents
Croatia:Croatian Association for Patientsérights
Cyprus:Limassol District Committee for Examining Patients`Complaints and European Social Forum of Cyprus
Denmark:Hepatitis Foreningen
Estonia:Estonian Patient Advocacy Association
Finland:The Association Of Voluntary Health,Social Welfare Organisatins Yty,Finnish Rheumatism Association
France:CISS Collectif Interassociatif Sur la Santé femmes pour toujours,Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris
Germany:Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versicherte und Patienten e.V.,German National Association of Senior Citizens` Organisations Bagso,Myeloma Euronet Aisbl
Greece:Europaiki Ekfrassi,Breast Cancer & Patient Rights Advocate
Hungary:Hungarian Civil Liberties Union,Hungarian Coeliac Society
Ireland:Patient Focus
Latvia:Patients` Ombud Office
Lithuania:Council of Representatives of Patients Organizations of Lithuania,Lithuanian Diabetes Association
Macedonia:CRPRC Studiorum
Malta:Malta Health Network
Netherlands:Netherlands Interstitial Cystitis Patients` Organization -Icp- World Federation For Incontinent Patients Wfip,Zorgbelang Gelderland
Poland:Institute for Patient`s Rights & Health Education
Portugal:Associa PAR Respostas Sociais
Romania:Apah-Ro, Romanian Multiple Sclerosis Society,Antiparkinson Asociation
Slovak Republic:Ombudspot
Slovenia:Drustvo Mladinski
Spain:Sociedad Espanola de Atencion al Usuario de la sanidad,Asocioacion Espanola de Afectados de cancer de Pulmon, Cecu
UK:Pelvic Pain Support Networ

Conference programme

The Conference will be held on 10-11th May 2012 (European Patients` Rights Day) in Brussels (either in the EP or in the EESC, where respectively in 2007-2010 and 2011 took place).
It will last for 1 day and a half.
The first Conference day will start with a morning plenary session so structured:

- OPENING REMARKS from the EESC President (where the Conference should take place) and from the ACN Director, providing the framework of the event.

- KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS about the 3 focuses of the conference, made by experts identified from the Steering Committee:
a) the policies/initiatives aimed at empowering ageing patients and involving them in managing their diseases,
b) the involvement of ageing citizens in community and civic organisations dealing with health,
c) the public policies for the active involvement of ageing citizens in the health policy and in health care structures.

- ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION on the 3 focuses of the conference followed by questions from the audience.
Possible speakers: leaders from AGE platform Europe; EURAG European Federation of Older People; Tribunal for Patients Rights, Italy; Institute For Patients` Rights & Health Education, Poland; Pôle Démocratie Sanitaire Agence régionale de Santé de l`île de France; Cypriot Ministry of Health.

The afternoon session will include 3 parts:
- BEST PRACTICES PRESENTATION and AWARD CELEBRATION for the first 3 classified (1h)
- 3 WORKSHOPS on the 3 focuses of the Conference. The general indications arisen from each field of best practices will be used as the starting point of the discussions. Session discussion leaders (chosen in/by the Scientific Committee) will be responsible for quality control over the discussion in their groups, for gathering recommendations, and producing a policy brief summarizing the main issues emerged.
These workshops will provide the opportunity to explore the gathered best practices and propose concrete Recommendations/Guidelines on what can be concretely done for the active involvement of ageing citizens in health policy to produce Guidelines directed to:
- Ageing citizens
- Civic/patients` organisations
- Health institutions (at European, national and local level)
- Health professionals.

The first day will finish with a NETWORKING RECEPTION. The venue will include a place that allows a space for organizations to expose their materials and present their work.

The morning session of the second Conference day will be dedicated to:

- OPENING SPEACH of the Health Commissioner Dalli.

- PRESENTATION of the RECOMMENDATION/GUIDELINES arisen from the 3 workshops.

- REACTIONS and COMMENTS on the Recommendations/Guidelines from representatives of the different health-care stakeholders (EU, national institutions, health care professionals, patients` organisations, hospitals etc.).

Start date: 11/05/2012
End date: 11/05/2013
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 68 375,68
Portfolio: Ageing