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IUHPE_FY2013 [IUHPE_FY2013] [20123203] - Operating Grant
Mission and vision of the operating grant holder

The Health Promotion Competencies and Workforce Development Working Group (CWDG) is a specialised network of IUHPE, comprising experts from 16 EU member States and other 13 international advisors.
The CWDG aims to improve the competency and effectiveness of health promotion at practice, policy and academic levels, both within the EU and globally, recognizing that a competent workforce, with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to translate policy, theory and research into effective action is critical to the development of health promotion and the reduction of health inequalities.
To do so, the CWDG builds on the positive outcomes of the European Project CompHP-Developing Competencies and Professional Standards for Health Promotion Capacity Building in Europe, funded by the EU (2009-2012,, which has developed, through consensus building with key stakeholders, core competencies, professional standards and an accreditation system for health promotion, now ready to be implemented at the European level.
The CWDG aims to fulfill its mission by advocating for and actively contributing to the implementation of the competency-based standards agreed upon during the CompHP Project, both in the member States already involved and in the EU as a whole.
By building the accreditation system for health promotion practice, education and training in Europe, the CWDG aims also to create a European model for quality assurance of health promotion workforce development, which could serve as best practice worldwide.
The CWDG reflects and contributes to IUHPE`s mission: promote global health and contribute to the achievement of equity in health between and within countries of the world. The IUHPE fulfills its mission by operating an independent, professional network of people and institutions to encourage the free exchange of ideas, knowledge, know-how, experiences, and the development of collaborative projects, working groups and networks, at global and regional levels.
The IUHPE supports and guarantees the financial and technical capacity of the CWDG.

Strategic objectives and specific activities

The aim of the Health Promotion Competencies and Workforce Development Working Group (CWDG) is to improve the competency and effectiveness of health promotion workforce at practice, policy and academic levels, particularly in the EU, recognizing that a competent workforce is critical to the growth and development of health promotion and the reduction of health inequalities.

Its objectives are to:
1. Support the implementation of the findings of the CompHP Project at the EU level, and ultimately at the global level, with regard to core competencies, professional standards and the set up of accreditation mechanisms for health promotion practice, education and training;
2.Advocate for, and actively contribute to, the implementation of agreed competency-based standards for Health Promotion practice to improve quality assurance and continuous professional development and to facilitate international mobility of Health Promotion professionals;
3. Facilitate dialogue and coordination between practitioners, policy makers and education providers to improve the competency and effectiveness of the health promotion workforce;
4. Identify and implement relevant Capacity Building activities for Health Promotion professionals, including the development and implementation of health promotion short courses, as recommended in the IUHPE integrated Work Plan.

The aims and objectives of the CWDG support and underpin the key IUHPE priority areas:
-Health Promotion Systems;
-Social Determinants of Health;
-Health Promotion and Sustainable Development;
-Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control.
In particular,the CWDG relates to the IUHPE priority area `Health Promotion Systems` which includes capacity building, competencies and accreditation.
Recent activity undertaken by the IUHPE in relation to competency-based capacity building includes coordinating the Galway Consensus Conference (1), participating as a partner in the European Project CompHP (2),undertaking a Scoping Study on Capacity and Training Needs in Low and Middle Income Countries (3) and facilitating ongoing dialogue and training.
As a key working group of the IUHPE, the CWDG shares its overall commitment to positively and constructively contribute to the development of health and to the reduction of health inequalities created by social, political, economic and environmental determinants.
The CWDG contributes to IUHPE aims (advocate for health; improve effectiveness; build capacity) and will contribute to IUHPE objectives, namely:
- advocating for investment in health promotion and education by governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations;
- undertaking activities and projects that contribute to the development of knowledge and practice which further the field of health promotion and education;
- disseminating evidence-based knowledge and practical experiences in health promotion and education;
- providing mechanisms for the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge that promote
- providing a global forum for mutual support and professional advancement of its members;
- building alliances and partnerships amongst all sectors, based on agreed ethical principles, mutual understanding and respect;
- strengthening the capacity of the organisation to fulfill its mission.
While the CWDG focuses particularly on the European region, it is also supported and enhanced by the functioning of the IUHPE as a whole.

1.`Towards Domains of Core Competency for Building Global Capacity in Health Promotion`.
2.CompHP Project:
3.Battel-Kirk,B.and Barry,M.M.(2011) `Health Promotion Workforce Capacity and Education and Training Needs in Low and Middle Income Countries`.

Expected outcomes

The 2013 Workplan of the IUHPE Health Promotion Competencies and Workforce Development Working Group (CWDG) has five main aims:

1.Implement and establish the CompHP Accreditation Framework (1) at EU level, with IUHPE as the European Accreditation Organisation (EAO), by:

- reinforcing IUHPE`s capacity to take up its role, tasks and functions as the European Accreditation Organisation (EAO);
- recruiting and establishing the required Board, committees and working groups at the EAO level, as described in the CompHP Accreditation Framework;
- testing the roles and functions of the Board, committees and working groups at the EAO level, and recommend revisions and adjustments as required;
- identifying where specialist advice is required to support decision making on the Accreditation process, and ensure that clear and sound advice is available to support decisions;
- managing the development of a dedicated website and online registration system for the European Accreditation Organisation (EAO) and as a template for national registration;
- developing and maintaining a European professional register;
- recruiting a minimum of 5 providers of education and training, 1 potential National Accreditation Organisation and 20 individual professionals to test the system;
- testing and modifying the registration system as required;
- developing and implementing effective dissemination on all aspects of the Framework;
- stimulating and supporting countries in Europe to set up National Accreditation Organisations (NAOs);
- operating as the registration and accrediting body for individual practitioners and education and training providers, where NAOs do not as yet exist;
- Facilitating the evaluation of the piloting of the system;
- updating and revising the Framework, action and business plans as indicated by the implementation process, in association with EAO Board members and relevant stakeholders;
- preparing a report based on the implementation of the Accreditation Framework focusing on mid-term sustainability and including recommendations for revision and future developments.

2. Identifing and contributing to the development of appropriate tools to facilitate the operational functioning of the CWDG by:
- Reinforcing, in coordination with the IUHPE Vice President for Communications and Headquarters officers, the IUHPE online tools by developing an online document sharing and collaborative work system to facilitate the work of the Accreditation Committees at EU and national level;
- Developing an online database to operate the online register of European Health Promotion professionals.

3. Identifying and contributing to the development of online tools for capacity building (such as online training modules or courses), in coordination with the IUHPE Vice Presidents for Scientific Affairs and Capacity Building, Education and Training, other IUHPE Working Groups, Headquarters and key stakeholders.

4. Working to ensure widespread dissemination of information on the Accreditation Framework including presentations at European and global conferences and symposia.

5.Strengthen and widen the Group membership
- Work with key stakeholders to support interest and participation in the Group`s activities of those in the health promotion community with expertise in competency based approaches to workforce development, with a particular emphasis on representation from newer EU members States and candidate countries.

1. The CompHP Pan European Accreditation Framework

Start date: 01/01/2013
End date: 01/01/2014
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 97 463,00