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EUROPEAN PATIENTS' FORUM - OPERATING GRANT 2015-2017 [EPF FY 2015-2017] [657029] - Framework Partnership Agreement
Project abstract

EPF’s 2015-2017 Programme has two overarching objectives derived from the strategic goals defined in our 2014-2020 Strategic Plan.1. To strengthen the patient perspective and impact in EU health-related policy, programmes and decision-making through evidence-based, results-oriented advocacy2. To reinforce the capacity of patients and patients’ organisations to contribute effectively to better health and social care and to enhance their accountability and mutual solidarity.These will be achieved through targeted policy, communication, membership, capacity building and partnership activities and deliverables framed around two thematic priorities: patient empowerment and equitable access to quality care, reflecting the EPF Strategic Plan and stringent governance /consultation structure. Emphasis will also be placed on growing EPF’s youth group, the needs of patients from vulnerable groups and non-discrimination on the grounds of health. The WP 2015-17 will reflect the health-related priorities of the EU Institutions and contributes directly to the implementation of the 3rd Public Health Programme Objective 3, supporting public health capacity building and contributing to innovative, efficient, and sustainable health systems; and objective 4, facilitating access to better and safer healthcare. It contributes specifically to the implementation of key EU legislation on -cross-border healthcare, patient safety, pharmacovigilance falsified medicines, clinical trials and medical devices, as well as to the EU’s priorities on eHealth and HTA. Particular focus is given to supporting capacity of patient organisations to get involved in implementation processes at national level and obtaining feedback. We will collaborate closely with health stakeholder allies in the public health arena, mutually supporting relevant dossiers. The WP’s processes, outputs, and impact, measured against our two over-arching objectives and specific indicators will be evaluated on an on-going basis.