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ENSP action for years 2015-2017 [ENSP FY 2015-2017] [664259] - Framework Partnership Agreement
Project abstract

Within most European populations, smoking prevalence rates differ substantially according to people’s educational level, occupational class and income level. In the European countries, smoking inequalities are generally largest, and smoking is the largest single contributor to socio-economic inequalities in mortality. Significant inequalities in smoking are now emerging in all European countries, especially in the youngest generations. Tobacco products and secondhand smoke (SHS) kill, as documented in over 20 reports (eg: IARC, US Surgeon General). Exposure to SHS kills at least 79 000 people in the EU each year, incl. deaths from lung cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke and chronic non-neoplastic respiratory disease; plus deaths in childhood caused by SHS, deaths in adults from other conditions known to be caused by active smoking and the significant, serious morbidity, both acute and chronic, caused by SHS. Special Eurobarometer 385/2012 indicates that almost one third of European citizens currently smoke either cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. As smoking is responsible for half the difference in deaths across socio-economic groups, tobacco control has a major role to play in reducing health and social inequalities.ENSP plays a major role in Europe to prevent the tobacco industry from biaising and slowing down the tobacco control process. Indeed, ENSP was created for a tighter collaboration within the tobacco control community and for a stronger and united civil society action against tobacco. Key objectives during 2015-2017:- The support to the Directive 2014/40/EU and FCTC implementation- The facilitation of the creation and the operation of national alliances for tobacco control in Europe.- The stimulation of and the participation in European projects - The facilitation of networking in Europe- The collection and distribution of informationEuropean Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention 2015-2017: connecting, sharing, advocating to save lives!