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AIDS Action Europe - Continuity and Innovation [AAE] [664282] - Framework Partnership Agreement
Project abstract

AIDS Action Europe (AAE) is a comprehensive NGO network in the field of HIV/AIDS with over 440 network members and partners from all over Europe and Central Asia. It is a unique player with substantial added value for European policy making and programme implementation.The leading principle of AIDS Action Europe’s multiannual Framework Partnership Agreement 2015 – 2017 is continuity and innovation. The programme described in this proposal will follow up on achievements since the start of AAE in 2004 and will extend its agenda with activities aimed at optimising the EU’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and strengthening the AAE network. In the area of policy, AAE will keep its focus on the coordination of the EU Civil Society Forum on HIV/AIDS and on contributing to the EU Think Tank, so that the voices of AAE members and other members of civil society are heard.In the field of linking and learning, AAE will continue investing in its Clearinghouse, as a database for exchanging good practice and sharing information. Website, social media, newsletters and mailings will remain key means to disseminate news and information. AAE strives for innovation and is determined to improve communication, linking and learning, and exchange of good practice: - The Clearinghouse is of great value for AAE members and beyond; it will be re-launched in the coming project period. Its contents will be re-structured to intensify linking and learning. Furthermore, it will be transformed into an interactive platform for information and opinion exchange.- The AAE website will be re-designed in order to improve information distribution troughout the region.- The bilingual communication efforts will be intensified to reach member organisations in Russian speaking countries more effectively.- Consultancies, working groups and project development meetings will provide opportunities to address emerging issues at country, regional and European level and to stimulate European cooperation.