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OBesity Training And INformation Services for Europe [OBTAINS-E] [664287] - Framework Partnership Agreement
Project abstract

The World Obesity Federation is a registered charity based in England with professional member organisations in 21 EU and 5 other European countries. Although our work addresses issues beyond the European Region, in this FPA and SGA, we seek support only for our European-focused activities which are directly relevant to the Community’s 3rd Health Programme.

In this respect our general objectives are (i) to ensure overweight people in Europe receive the best available support for weight management and prevention of comorbid disease, (ii) to reduce obesity prevalence in European populations through prevention strategies, and (iii) to take due account of socio-demographic inequalities in the use of health services and in response to prevention initiatives.

To fulfil these objectives, we offer web-based training for professional obesity treatment and weight management, which will be provided by recognised experts and available to practitioners across the Community’s health services. We also provide data and policy dissemination activities for the development of obesity prevention strategies in the European region.

Our work programme 2015-2017 includes expanding our web-based training programme for health professionals and translating modules into European languages, developing a data portal for adult and child prevalence statistics in the region, and updating and extending our mapping service of European policy and community intervention activities.

These activities are relevant to the 3rd Health Programme’s specific objective 1 for cost-effective disease prevention (especially to identify, disseminate and promote evidence-based and good practices for cost-effective disease prevention and health promotion), and specific objective 3 for building health systems (especially to address shortage of resources, develop cross-border expertise and facilitate innovation in public health interventions and prevention strategies).