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OBesity Training And INformation Services for Europe, phase 2 [OBTAINS-E2] [785230] - Framework Partnership Agreement
Project abstract

OBTAINS-E2 (OBesity Training And INformation Services for Europe, phase 2) consists of three actions specifically serving our European members and the wider European population. The first action develops and exploits our on-line distance learning opportunity for health professionals to gain a Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE). Course modules are accredited with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for professional development.

The second action develops our data resources to provide freely available graphs and tables to download, along with interactive maps providing recent estimates of obesity prevalence; policy maps showing national policy development in map format; and intervention maps showing community-level interventions, and available information on their target groups, costs, duration and impact.

The third action develops support for policy making by (i) running Policy Laboratories which are meetings of key researchers, leading non-governmental and professional organisations, and policy officials in relevant departments; (ii) publishing Policy Briefings as a freely available resource; and (iii) building a Policy Repository including the research which underlies the policies, examples of their different implementation, case studies and advocacy materials, and where available the evidence of their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

Start date: 15/05/2018
End date: 14/05/2022
Duration: 48 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020)
EC Contribution: € 0,00