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EPHA multi annual work program [EPHA FPA 2018-2021] [785233] - Framework Partnership Agreement
Project abstract

Proposal for annual OPG to support Europe's largest civil society public health network in core activities and actions in support of all of the objectives of the European Union 3rd Health Programme.

EPHA will contribute to the realisation of all four objectives of the 3HP; EPHA activities for the period 2018-2021 will contribute to 20 of the 23 thematic priorities in Annex I of Regulation 282/2014.

The overarching objective driving EPHA’s entire policy and advocacy effort is: To promote good health and well-being, to reduce disease and health inequalities in European policies and programmes.
Operationalised by two further strategic objectives:
- Public health objectives and the reduction of health inequalities will be taken into account (‘mainstreamed’) through all relevant EU policies and programmes, with the EU institutions making a shift to a Governance for Health approach.
- EPHA generates new ideas to protect and improve public health, reduce health inequalities and ensure universal access to good quality care in sustainable health systems, and anchors them with European policy-makers.

The aims are further supported by specific objectives, followed by activities, milestones, deliverables and impact indicators for each of the priority work areas selected by the membership:
1.Prevention of chronic, non-communicable Diseases (incl food and agriculture, alcohol, tobacco )
2.Universal Access to Affordable Medicines
3.Action on Antimicrobial Resistance
4.Inclusive Digital Health
5.Healthy Trade Policy
6.Improving access to health/care for vulnerable groups (incl Roma)
7.Financing Public Health
8.Capacity building & Organisational Development (incl Solidarity Corps)

EPHA’s approach systematically mainstreams key concerns across all of these areas, including tackling health inequalities and improving access to healthcare, specific issues including mental health, health workforce, data protection, integrative care, children and youth and gender equality.