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ENSP - The Network - United for a Tobacco Free Europe [ENSP FY 2018-2021] [785263] - Framework Partnership Agreement
Project abstract

In Europe smoking inequalities are generally very large due to education, occupation and income level; smoking and other forms of tobacco consumption are considered the single most important cause of preventable morbidity and premature mortality worldwide, with tobacco being the major single cause for premature deaths in the European Union (EU). Special Eurobarometer 458/2017 indicates that over a quarter (26%) of European citizens are currently smoking, and an increase in consumption amongst young people aged 15-24 is observed since 2014 (from 24% to 29%). Smoking within the EU is estimated to cause 700.000 deaths annually, half of which are among 35–69-year-olds. As smoking is responsible for half the difference in deaths across socio-economic groups, tobacco control has a major role to play in reducing health and social inequalities. Efforts to reduce tobacco-related deaths and illness in the EU are made by the newly adopted binding legislation, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), and the ongoing implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).
ENSP plays a major role in the EU to prevent the tobacco industry from biasing and slowing down the tobacco control community effort. Key objectives for 2018-2021 are:
1. To assist and support at EU level the European Institutions with the complete implementation of tobacco control legislation, through the effective transposition and enforcement of the TPD (2014/40/EU) and the implementation of the WHO FCTC - through solid scientific evidence and awareness raising
2. To strengthen advocacy capacity at the EU MS National level, and more particularly to empower Civil Society organisations (Tobacco Control coalitions and NGOs), Policy Makers, academics, experts, etc.
3. To reduce health inequalities due to tobacco use at the micro level
4. To enhance the sustainability of ENSP to ensure the strategic long-term development, return on EU investment and continuation of activities post the 2018-2021 OG