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Information for Action [InfAct] [801553] - Joint Actions
Project abstract

InfAct (Information for Action) is a JA on health information (HI). HI is essential to build up country specific and cross-country knowledge. HI is the basis to inform national health policies, to steer population health investment decisions, to assess the effectiveness of different approaches to enhance population health through promotion, prevention, treatments and care. Timely, up-to-date HI is also vital in framing EU wide programs and policies.

The major outcome expected of the JA is a sustainable solid infrastructure on EU HI through improving the availability of comparable, robust and policy-relevant health status data and health system performance information. Through country collaboration, the JA streamlines HI activities, reduces the data collection burden and works for a sustainable and robust data collection in Europe that facilitates and supports country knowledge, health research and policy making.

The JA gives attention to:

• develop the business case and roadmap for implementation of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium on Health Information for Research and Evidence-based Policy
o governance structures,
o national HI consortia and domain specific HI research networks
• assess HI systems (HIS) in MS and regions
• develop a roadmap for training in HI with the objective to tackle HI inequality through Europe
• standardize HI instruments, tools and methods
• strengthen the HI efficiency for public health policy through new ways of using health and non-health data sources
• enhance the introduction of the interoperability of health data sources
• enhance the translation of HI into public policy

The JA watches for the sustainability of all actions taken by the JA. Coordination, dialogue and interaction with the Commission Expert Groups on HI and on HSPA, Eurostat, DG Research and other relevant DGs, international organization (WHO, OECD) reinforce further the sustainability of the JAs’ work and outcomes.