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European Heart Network - Cardiovascular Health at the Heart of EU Policies [EHN SGA 2018] [811127] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

Every action the European Heart Network (EHN) undertakes aims to achieve its mission: to prevent and reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD).

To establish its operational objectives and construct its work programme for 2018, EHN has scanned the EU policy horizon and consulted widely with its members.

EU policy areas upon which we will act include sustainable development, common agriculture policy and trade. We aim to inject consideration of CVD/chronic diseases into these areas to help achieve SDG goal 3.4 and the WHA 25x25 targets.

A major focus in 2018 is implementation of EHN’s policy recommendations contained in its paper “Transforming European food and drink policies for cardiovascular health”.

EHN is a closely-knit member organisation and has, consequently, planned a series of workshops and seminars to strengthen its members' capacities and provide knowledge-exchange opportunities for them. EHN will also strengthen its own operations and continue to ensure good governance.

EHN’s near-to-final 2019-2023 strategy encompasses three pillars (general objectives): I-prevent avoidable CVD; II-strengthen the support for people with CVD; III-reinforce CVD research. These pillars are supported by horizontal objectives and our 2018 work programme includes, notably, an operational objective to ensure a framework of strong cooperation with institutional as well as non-governmental, like-minded organisations working to promote health and reduce risk factors.

In conclusion, we believe that the 10 operational objectives and activities that we have selected for 2018 will contribute to achieve the general and specific objectives set out in our Framework Programme Application of June 2017. We believe that, collectively and albeit in the longer term, they will help address the large inequalities due to CVD in the EU and thus provide substantial EU added value.