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ERN-EYE [ERN-EYE] [811427] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

Rare Eye Diseases (RED) represents a wide group of rare diseases that display great genetic and phenotypical heterogeneity, while therapy options remain scares. ERN-EYE currently consists of 29 healthcare providers originating from 13 Member States and covers mainly genetically-based RED. The ERN-EYE network was connected to ultimately deliver the best possible healthcare to all European people with RED. To this end we have been implementing communication tools and coordinating the creation of a Clinical Platform Management System dedicated (CPMS) to RED: CPMS/ EyeClin. This digital hub is central to the ERN-EYE processes and actions. CPMS/EyeClin will be subdivided in 4 clinical departments: retinal RED, paediatric RED, neuro-ophthalmology RED, andanterior segment RED, comparable to the ones found in standard university hospitals. In addition, six transversal departments corresponding to genetic diagnosis, research activities, registries, guidelines, dissemination and outreach, medical training and teaching ensure cross-sectional collaboration and added value. We made a solid contribution within the 1st year towards our goals. At the end of the 1st year, the inventory phase is all-but-completed, resulting in the identification of gaps and production of tools. In the 2nd year, we will utilise this valuable information. To make the utility of CPMS/EyeClin a reality and to start Phase 2 (implementation), we will have as a major objective to launch the CPMS/EyeClin and make it functional for the RED patients by customising the CPMS to ophthalmic diseases and making it accessible to all members of ERN-EYE. We will also coordinate the launch of the ERN-EYE training education program and the basic RED registry on the CPMS/EyeClin platform. Lastly, we will raise awareness about collaborative projects and funding options and about the added value of research in the field of RED for stakeholders. Thus, the 2nd year of ERN-EYE marks the start of Phase 2.