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"People's food - people's health. Towards healthy and sustainable European Food Systems" [HP-PC-FOODSYS] [820111] - Presidential Conference
Project abstract

Objectives: A healthy and sustainable diet must become available, affordable, acceptable and appealing for all. The main aim of the conference is to facilitate the initial dialogue between all relevant stakeholders in the food system. The conference is seen as a first step towards a healthier and more equitable food system for all.
Activities: To tackle obesity and therefor contributing to the halt of the current rise of NCDs a whole systems approach is needed. Access to a healthy and sustainable diet is determined by a long chain of actors along the food supply chain ranging from agricultural producers, manufactures, transport, retailers and consumers. Measures which are good for health and for other sectors can build a basis for change. These “co-benefits” need to be addressed throughout the conference and future activities.
Persons benefiting from the project: On the long run all people who live in the European Union should benefit from the project. At the conference itself representatives from public bodies, private entities and non-governmental-organizations involved in the food system will be invited. In total approx. 140 participants are expected to take part.
Expected results: As a short term goal it is expected that awareness among the participants will be raised of the impact of health on the food system and vice versa. The conference should be used as a starting point of future actions. As a long term result changes in the food system (food supply chain; food environments) are expected.
Outputs: A Policy brief on “Addressing co-benefits in the food system: What health can do for agriculture, environment and trade.”(working title) will be produced prior to the conference. A multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary platform/knowledge hub could be established after the conference. A conference report including an overview of best and promising practice examples within the food system in different EU-member states will be produced after the conference.

Start date: 15/02/2018
End date: 14/03/2019
Duration: 13 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020)
EC Contribution: € 100 000,00