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EPHA SGA 2018 [EPHASGA2018] [824205] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

EPHA is Europe's leading civil society alliance working to protect and improve public health for all and reduce health inequalities. Together with our 88 member groups, we toward policy change to tackle the root causes of health problems and barriers to achieving the best possible state of health, wellbeing and equity. This encompasses social, economic, environmental and especially commercial and political determinants of health.

EPHA’s main activities fall into the following categories: Intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination; Consensus development; Advocacy and representation; Raising the profile of public health via events, communications and media; Capacity building.

EPHA's annual workplan for 2018 is drawn from the multi-annual workplan (FPA) 2018-2021 and builds on EPHA’s successes to date. EPHA’s activities in 2018 will contribute to all 4 objectives of the 3rd HP, as illustrated in the FPA.

We have selected annual operational objectives, supported by actions, deliverables, milestones and indicators in the following priority areas:
- Prevention of chronic, non-communicable diseases (including food an agriculture, alcohol, tobacco and air quality policies)
- Universal access to affordable medicines
- Action on antimicrobial resistance
- Inclusive digital health
- Healthy trade policy
- Financing for public health
- Capacity-building and organisational development

EPHA’s 2018 workplan reflects a clearer selection of priorities, in line with EPHA’s mission and vision. The plan includes an overview table which illustrates how long-term strategic objectives are supported by operational objectives, milestones, deliverables and measurable impact indicators. We include a dissemination plan and evaluation framework.