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Correlation - European Harm Reduction Network [Correlation Network] [836307] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

The Correlation Network (CN) is a European civil society network and centre of expertise in the field of drug use, harm reduction and social inclusion.

Overall objective of this proposal:
Improve the access to and the quality of harm reduction services for People Who Use Drugs (PWUD), including other related vulnerable and marginalised people and to enhance policies and practices that increase social inclusion.

This is achieved by the following strategic objectives
- Strengthen the network and the collaboration with its members and partners through an adequate and solid organisational network structure
- Monitor developments and collect information and evidence in the field of drug use and harm reduction, by involving the expertise of civil society organisations
- Strengthen capacities of the various players in the field of drug use and harm reduction and facilitate exchange between network members and partners
- Advocate for full coverage of harm reduction programmes in Europe, addressing both health and social aspects.

All CN activities will pay specific attention to Hepatitis C, new drug trends and overdose prevention. Relevant CN outputs include : Sustainable network, Annual Monitoring Reports, Online knowledge and training hub, European Harm Reduction Conferences (2018/20), policy recommendations.

CN contributes to the Third Health Programme (THP) by promoting health (in particular harm reduction), prevent diseases (in particular drug-related diseases and infectious diseases such as HCV and HIV/AIDS), and foster supportive environments for healthy lifestyles (e.g. by reducing barriers to access health and social services).

CN contributes as well to the following THP priorities:
1.2. Drugs-related health damage, including information and prevention
1.3. HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis
2.2. Capacity-building against health threats in Member States, including, where appropriate, cooperation with neighbouring countries