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European Cancer Leagues Collaborating for Impact in Cancer Control (2019) [ECL SGA 2019] [837880] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

The Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) provides a unique platform as the only organisation with the mission of uniting, at the European level, national and regional cancer leagues to achieve a cancer-free Europe. In coherence with the FPA 2018-2021, this SGA focuses on the core activities to be implemented in 2019 in respect of the following strategic objectives:

1) Informing policy to ensure cancer control remains high on the political agenda;
2) Promoting the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC) as the essential tool for cancer prevention;
3) Supporting leagues in the implementation of the Council Recommendation on Cancer Screening;
4) Uniting leagues to advocate for equal access to treatment, support, and rehabilitation for cancer patients;
5) Advocating for the European Guide for quality improvement in cancer control to be mainstreamed in national
cancer plans.

These objectives will be achieved by several actions, including:
- performing a survey of national contact points to update the triennial tobacco control scale;
- securing the re-establishment of the MEPs against Cancer (MAC) group in the next mandate of the European Parliament;
- publishing a policy framework of supportive actions to implement the European Code against Cancer;
- developing a web portal on cancer screening to be hosted on the ECL website (;
- drafting and disseminating new guidelines on healthcare professionals communication with patients, and effective use of volunteers by cancer leagues;
- collecting best practice on the implementation of the CanCon guide at the national level.

This proposal has relevance to the annual work programme through its focus on health determinants and health promotion, boosting cancer control, and equitable access to healthcare.