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European Reference Network on GEnetic TUmour RIsk Syndromes - GENTURIS [ERN GENTURIS] [844879] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

ERN GENTURIS is a European Reference Network (ERN) for all patients with one of the rare genetic tumour risk syndromes (genturis). These patients are at very high hereditary risk of developing multiple tumours, which are often located in multiple organ systems. In case they are diagnosed with cancer they need different treatment and follow-up as compared to non-hereditary cancers. In addition GENTURIS takes care of the relatives of these patients, for which prevention and early detection of tumours is of great importance too.

WHAT IS OUR MISSION: To inspire hope and contribute to health and well being by organizing and providing the best care to every patient in Europe with a genetic tumour risk syndrome through integrated multidisciplinary healthcare, guidelines, education and research.

WHAT IS OUR DESIRED END-STATE: Striving to be the world’s leader of genetic tumour risk syndromes in patient participation, clinical care, research and education.

ERN GENTURIS is addressing the following challenges when it comes to the identification, genetic testing, tumour prevention and treatment of patients with genturis: 1) Great majority of genturis patients are not yet identified 2) Large variation in clinical outcomes resulting in impaired prognosis and avoidable costs 3) Guidelines are lacking or implemented insufficiently 4) Almost no patient registries and biobanks 5) Limited research programs 6) Fragmented patient empowerment activities.

There are 4 thematic groups of syndromes: 1: Neurofibromatosis type 1, 2 & Schwannomatosis. 2: Lynch syndrome & polyposis. 3: Hereditary breast & ovarian cancer. 4: Other rare - predominantly malignant - syndromes. The last group includes syndromes not covered in the other groups. It is a heterogeneous group with very small numbers of patients that will benefit greatly from a centralized approach. Within the next years not yet covered as well as newly discovered genturis will be included as well.