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European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine Conditions [Endo-ERN] [846451] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

Endo-ERN builds bridges between European stakeholders around rare endocrine conditions. The actions, as defined in our 5-year plan (FPA), are geared at mitigating differences in awareness and knowledge, supporting and informing research, connecting various (types of) stakeholders and making agreements in support of excellent care. The work plan is subdivided in 5 work packages containing phased activities aimed at 8 main thematic groups. After sculpting a coherent network in Y1, key initiation actions are currently being addressed. While the platform has not reached its full functional state yet it will be operational for most of the intended purposes within Y2. This functional network will have the requirements of troubleshooting and adaptations, which will be the focus of Y3, while Y4 will be centred around internal benchmark activities. Y4 will make any gaps in the network evident that may have been overseen before the transition from a theoretical to an operational network. The Y3-4 actions under the proposed SGA will result in the integration of 5 WPs and 8 MTGs to a point of functional operations. Key features include ability to perform virtual consultations, MTG-based e-learning, endocrine overarching research strategy/agenda in line with endocrine societies, effective matching of patients and expert labs for optimal care. The final period of the framework period is geared towards mechanisms to ensure quality (of activities, outcomes and added value, and members and their efforts) as well as sustainability. For this, Endo-ERN develops internal processes and also aims to collaborate with other stakeholders (ERNs, European Commission, national ministries of health, etc) to coordinate actions for quality assurance and sustainability. It is our mission to abolish inequities in care for paediatric and adult patients and for patients in transition. This final program will ensure this mission is implemented to make it a mainstay in the European healthcare ecosystem.