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European Reference Network on Rare Connective Tissue and Musculoskeletal Diseases [ERN ReCONNET] [847115] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

The ERN ReCONNET 3-year Work Plan will set the stage for crucial achievements in the field of rare ad complex connective tissue diseases (rCTDs), allowing the Network to address its main commitment: the benefit of patients affected by rCTDs.
As the aim of the 3-year program is to establish, coordinate and manage patients and HCPs communities and to pool knowledge and expertise across the EU, all the target groups will participate in all the activities planned. Specifically, the main target groups are represented by: patients, caregivers and families, HCP members, healthcare professionals, scientific societies.
The main activities that will be carried out are related to the coordination and management, empowerment and engagement of patients, families and caregivers, sharing of best practice, training and e-learning, research and innovation knowledge, dissemination and networking and sustainability.
The expected results of the activities of the next three years will be represented by the availability of specific tools aimed at harmonizing the clinical and economical approach to rCTDs and at creating minimum standards of healthcare services essential for the management of rCTDs across Europe and providing a crucial impact on the lives of more than 500.000 people affected by rCTDs.