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EUPAP – An European Physical Activity on Prescription model [EUPAP] [847174] - Project
Project abstract

EUPAP - An European Physical Activity on Prescription model

Organisations from ten EU member states will be partners in this 3-year project for facilitating the transfer of the Swedish best practice model for physical activity on prescription (FaR). The overall objectives are to promote good health and to prevent of non-communicable disease through implementing country-based physical activity on prescription (PAP) programs in health services in several countries.

This proposal focus on this transfer of best practice acknowledging the need for collaboration between countries and added value of interdisciplinary and policy-practice-research collaboration. The health service is an excellent arena for health promotion due to its coverage and access for the whole population. The prescription of physical activity is a method that can reach and enable different population groups enhancing their physical activity for prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases. Moreover, given access to health services this includes also socially disadvantaged groups leading to reduction in health inequalities. This means that the present proposal has the potential to contribute to meeting the objects and priorities in the work programme.

Target groups are organisations, stakeholders and end-users included in the local implementations. Target groups for dissemination will be health care educators and practitioners, physical activity suppliers, as well as patients and the general public. Special emphasis will be placed on involving policy and decision makers from authorities at national, regional and local level. Research points towards a social gradient in physical activity. Initiatives that have significant effect on social equity and equality are therefore crucial in this project.