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Proposal for a Specific Grant Agreement 2020 [EPHA 2020 SGA] [881533] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

EPHA's 2020 SGA work programme will build on the activities implemented in 2018 - 2019 with a view to attaining the objectives outlined in the 2018-2021 FPA in eight thematic priority areas: NCD prevention, access to medicines, antimicrobial resistance, digital health, healthy trade, access to health and care for disadvantaged groups, financing for public health and capacity building / organisational development. Each thematic priority includes its own operational objective for 2020 and is broken down into activities including milestones and 20 deliverables. Process, output and outcome indicators are provided for the corresponding specific objectives.
EPHA and its members will continue creating synergies between these areas to strengthen the evidence base, identify best practices and enable policy dialogue between the EU and national level. The beneficiaries are numerous: policymakers, civil society and the public. EPHA will support EU policymakers to better respond to the real health needs of ordinary people, while national stakeholders will be able to make better use of EU policies to play a more active role in EU policy-making.
The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals will be a thread running through all areas given that the issues EPHA is working on are multisectoral, involving both health and non-health stakeholders. We will work to ensure that reducing health inequalities will remain a priority in the context of the European Pillar of Social Rights and European Semester implementation.
A special focus will be placed on advocating public health friendly policies among new EU officials following the institutional renewal process, as well as newly elected MEPs who joined the European Parliament in 2019. This will be important for shaping the post-2020 policy and funding frameworks that will determine the level of attention paid to public health in general and to the inclusion of disadvantaged groups, including in the digital realm.