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ENSP - The Network - United for a Tobacco Free Europe [ENSP FY2020] [881565] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

Efforts to mitigate the devastation of tobacco-attributable morbidity and mortality have advanced in Europe and consist of the adoption of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), and the WHO FCTC. In the face of a changing tobacco product landscape, where dual- and poly-tobacco use has become an increasing public health problem, strategies for addressing the tobacco epidemic must also evolve. Moreover, despite the existence of regulations that are efficacious in reducing the demand for tobacco products, effective implementation remains a persistent challenge across EU MS with an imperative and documented need for regional actions and non-fragmented communication. In light of the above the ENSP 2020 objectives are as follows:
1: To assist and support the central EU level empower capacity at the EU MS National level, for Civil Society with implementing and assessing tobacco control legislation through the provision of scientific evidence and awareness raising
2: To empower capacity at the EU MS level, Civil Society, Policy Makers, clinicians and other stakeholders through the provision of science-based evidence, increased health literacy and improving access to tobacco dependence treatment.
3: To enhance the exchange of tobacco control information across countries, disciplines and generations.
4: To enhance alliances between EU tobacco control stakeholders, to promote sustainability and to ensure the wise use of EU funds.

Results that will be generated include reports on expert mapping, TPD assessment, toolkits, fact sheets, hot topics, guidelines and online modules and information sharing venues. End users and target groups of the 2020 ENSP OG include but are not limited to EU regulators, EU MS regulators, Civil Society, Youth, the Media, the Public, Clinicians and other stakeholders.