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European Cancer Leagues Collaborating for Impact in Cancer Control (2020) [ECL SGA 2020] [881569] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

The Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) provides a unique platform as the only organisation with the mission of uniting at the European level, national and regional cancer leagues to achieve a cancer-free Europe. In coherence with the FPA 2018-2021, this SGA focuses on the core activities to be implemented in 2020 in respect of the following strategic objectives:

1) Informing policy to ensure cancer control remains high on the political agenda;
2) Promoting the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC) as the essential tool for cancer prevention;
3) Supporting leagues in the implementation of the Council Recommendation on Cancer Screening;
4) Uniting leagues to advocate for equal access to treatment, support, and rehabilitation for cancer patients;
5) Advocating for the European Guide for quality improvement in cancer control to be mainstreamed in national cancer plans.

These objectives will be achieved by several actions, including:

- Organisation of the 8th European Conference on Tobacco or Health and publication of the latest Tobacco Control Scale report including data from 38 countries in the European region;
- Implementing the MEPs against Cancer (MAC) European elections manifesto through coordinated actions of the group, supporting four structured meetings of the group;
- Publishing the final report of the systematic evaluation of impact of the European Code against Cancer and informing policymakers and the scientific community of results;
- Enhancing the ECL Youth Ambassadors programme to reach at least 40 European Countries and all EU member states in 2020;
- Supporting the roadmap towards a 3rd implementation report on cancer screening in the EU;
- Publication by the Patient Support Working Group of new guidance and training at the national level to address cancer in the workplace;
- Continuation of the advocacy work of the ECL Access to Medicines Task Force implementing the 2018 'Let's Talk Access' White Paper on Equal Access to Medicines.