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The ERN-RND Rare Neurological Disease Registry [ERN-RND Registry] [947588] - Project
Project abstract

The ERN-RND Registry project aims to establish a demographic platform for collection of relevant core patient information. This will be accomplished by the construction and implementation of a single data base encompassing all rare neurological diseases in pediatric and adult patients (the ERN-RND Registry), which will collect information according to the "Set of common data elements for Rare Diseases Registration". The members of ERN-RND provide healthcare to more than 35,000 patients with rare neurological diseases. The proposed ERN-RND Registry will target patients, who suffer from the following rare neurological diseases and conditions: Ataxia and HSP, Leukodystrophies, Frontotemporal Dementia, Dystonia, Paroxysmal Disorders & NBIA, Atypical Parkinsonism and Huntington’s Disease & Choreas. The ERN-RND registry project will pursue three main objectives: 1. The ERN-RND core Registry will be developed using the RedCap database platform that is being operated at University Hospital Tübingen, Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research. 2. The second main objective of the project will be to link the central ERN-RND registry with existing hospital databases and disease- or treatment-specific registries. 3. The third objective is the implementation of a continuous monitoring system to follow center performance in terms of care quality and patient outcomes.

Start date: 01/04/2020
End date: 31/03/2023
Duration: 36 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020)
EC Contribution: € 400 000,00