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Did you set up your 2FA for Europass?

Europass is taking the next step to increase security for all users.

Did you already add your 2-factor authentication (2FA) for your Europass account?**


Did you know that you could prevent 99.9% of attacks on your accounts if you:

  • Use strong, unique passwords, and make sure you keep those secret

       Good example: PrT4YiPsw!

       Bad example: 123456

  • Add a second step to authenticate and verify that it is really you who is logging in to your account.

You can easily add your 2FA now by following the steps below


  • Download the EU login app onto your phone or tablet (IOS or Android). 


  • Link your eID (electronic ID) to your EU Login account, click on Link my eID. This option can link your national electronic identity card to your EU Login account.* 

Complete the process according to the steps explained in the instructions document or watch the video tutorial


* This option is available only in certain EU countries. If you are already using this option no additional action is required.


**The European Commission cannot be held liable in the case of data leak caused by breach of individual user accounts, due to weak account access practices (i.e. weak / trivial passwords, passwords which are re-used on multiple different services, or weak password protection practices – e.g. storing or communicating your password on post-it / paper notes, text messages etc.).

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