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- update 245 days ago.

University of Split successfully issues Europass Digital Credentials

The University of Split, Croatia was one of the first institutions to issue Europass Digital Credentials. As many as 437 participants received them in an online international conference - Week of Innovative Regions in Europe - WIRE 2020, organized by Split’s Faculty of Economics in January 2021.

Europass Digital Credentials confirm and provide evidence of learning outcomes and qualifications gained, such as diplomas. The standardisation of these credentials supports better understanding and verification of qualifications or other learning achievements. They can be used for formal education, non-formal and informal learning. Users can share them with employers, education and training institutions or other organisations to present proof of their learning when they are applying for jobs or educational opportunities across Europe. They also offer a better insight into skills and experience of the credential holder. Digital credentials are free and carry the same legal value as paper certificates. This allows institutions to issue digital qualifications and other learning credentials that cannot be tampered with.

The European Commission, in cooperation with 18 European countries, had thoroughly tested the infrastructure. The University of Split, one of the institutions participating in the pilot, already successfully issued their first digital credentials to over 400 recipients.

The Agency for Mobility and EU Programs/ National Europass Center, the European Commission and University of Split are organising an online event on 10 May 2021. Join this event to learn more about Europass Digital Credentials as experts share their experience with implementing the Europass Digital Credentials. Stay tuned for a follow-up interactive virtual workshop on implementing EDCs for interested organisations scheduled for 20 May 2021.