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Виберіть країну, яка Вас цікавить, і знайдіть корисну інформацію щодо роботи та навчання в ній.

If you already set up the two-step login process then click the button below to go to your Europass account.

Використання всього лише пароля в ці дні недостатньо, оскільки більше 80% хакерів є результатом крадіжки облікових даних. Простий другий крок після введення пароля переконається, що ваш обліковий запис безпечніше від хакерів, які намагаються вкрасти будь-яку інформацію, яка може бути використана неправильно. Переконайтеся в тому, щоб активувати 2FA в Europass, оскільки це стане обов'язковою вимогою безпеки найближчим часом.  

What do you need to do? 

  • Add a second device (smartphone) to your EU LOGIN account.


  • Download the EU login app onto your phone (IOS or Android).

Complete the process according to steps explained in the instructions document  or watch the video tutorial (will be added soon).

If you already registered a Europass account, you already have a built-in credential wallet. This wallet is similar to a bank account, where third parties can transfer your learning credentials to. You can give your wallet address to any party for direct credential depositing purposes, but this will not allow them to see the credentials already stored in your wallet.

Where do I find my credentials?

If you have an Europass eportfolio, you find them under ‘Certificates and Diplomas’ in My Library. Other wallet implementers might have a different structural setup.

European Digital Credentials for learning can describe:

  • activities (e.g. classes attended),
  • assessments (e.g. projects),
  • achievements (e.g. skills developed),
  • professional entitlements (e.g. registration as a medical doctor) and
  • qualifications.

European Digital Credentials allow learners to keep a track record of their learning and jobseekers to easily apply for job throughout Europe by sampling sharing their digital credentials as part of their job application. 

Any educational institution in Europe can begin issuing digital credentials to their students for free using the European Digital Credentials for learning web services. Read all the information required is for the institution to acquire an e-seal with which to authenticate the credentials. Get started with preparing digital credentials.

European Digital Credentials for learning include diplomas, transcripts of records and a wide variety of other types of certificates of learning achievement. They are multilingual and signed with a unique electronic seal (that is the digital equivalent of an institution’s rubber stamp). This allows education and training institutions to easily authenticate, validate and recognise credentials of any size, shape or form.

What are European Digital Credentials for learning?

European Digital Credentials for learning can describe and certify:

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