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As a result of joint collaboration between the European Commission and international organisations.

  • EUMETSAT Monitoring the Oceans from Space: A MOOC on the role of satellites in ocean monitoring
  • EUMETSAT Monitoring Atmospheric Composition: A MOOC about atmospheric monitoring using satellites, in-situ data, and models
  • Guide Through EUMeTrain Resources: Various types of resources collected in the EUMeTrain library
  • Day to Day podcasts: Introducing Day-to-Day, EUMETSAT's new podcast series about Copernicus Earth observation data
  • R-Instat: EUMETSAT. Introduction to R-Instat for comparing satellite and station data | self-paced training
  • Marine Essentials Pack: EUMETSAT training designed to 'stand alone' without the addition of virtual classrooms
  • Data Services: Videos showcasing EUMETSAT's data services for users
  • MOOC Genre et Développement: Proposé par Expertise France, AFD, Ministère de l'Europe et des affaires étrangères
  • Engaging with the Diaspora for Trade: This course introduces participants to the various roles and motivations of the diaspora in expanding international trade with SMEs from their countries of origin, whether specifically to diaspora markets, or to wider markets in the diaspora's host country.
  • How to Analyse Trade Flows: This course introduces the main concepts of trade flow analysis together with a dedicated tool to perform it (Trade Map). Focus is placed on the meaning and value of trade statistics and trade indicators, as well as the ways of interpreting trade flow data to make informed decisions.
  • Innovating for Success: A Guide for Entrepreneurs: This course gives aspiring young entrepreneurs a clear understanding of the path of entrepreneurship, the risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur, as well as the business start-up process.
  • Nexus Essential Course: The course is designed to help develop a common understanding of Nexus approaches across the humanitarian, development and peace (HDP) pillars. The Nexus Academy is an initiative of the DAC-UN Dialogue. Common good powered by UNDP Crisis Academy.
  • SOCIEUX+ e-course Acting upon inequality: The course focuses on inequality globally and between and within countries. It addresses questions such as why it is important to tackle inequality, definitions and related concepts, how to measure inequality, drivers of inequality and how to design impactful policies. It is available on the SOCIEUX+ online platform.

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