Digital technologies and data are profoundly changing the economy and society and have the potential to thoroughly enable the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Cyberspace is an essential component of modern society. Governmental services, the financial sector, and critical infrastructure including schools and hospitals are increasingly and irreversibly dependent on interconnectivity and the global network. It is essential to ensure trustworthy digital services and tools, reliable access to the internet as well as secure critical infrastructures. In this sense, cybersecurity is key component of our increasingly digitalised world. More broadly, enhanced cyber resilience enables populations to trust, use and benefit from innovation, connectivity and automation, and is essential in safeguarding fundamental rights and freedoms.

A man touching a digital screen with icons. Cybersecurity concept network of connected devices and personal data security

    This course provides essential notions of cybersecurity, particularly within the context of international development and cooperation. It presents the basic concepts of cybersecurity, the existing and emerging threats in cyberspace, the EU cybersecurity policy framework and legislation, the essential traits of cyber diplomacy, cyber capacity building activities and how the EU contributes to global cyber resilience through its programmes.

    Duration: 1,5 h