Draws together information on procedures relating to financial and contractual matters and legal affairs. 

Businessman reviewing reports, financial documents for analysis of financial information, work concept.

    This course is designed especially for Audit Task Managers and Finance and Contracts agents dealing with audits and expenditure verifications. The objective of this training is to help you to understand why and how DG INTPA Audit and Verification Plan is established and how it is implemented and monitored. During this session through software simulation in the Audit tool you will also learn how to encode audits and verifications at different stages of contract implementation.

      The objective of the webinar is to focus on the main changes in the EU External Actions Procurement, which were implemented in 2021 and 2022. It will equally cover the implications for EU External Actions Procurement. Finland, Italy and Spain are the main organizing countries of the webinar and a significant number of Member states organizations co-organize the event. 

      Duration: 1 h 

        The on-boarding of OPSYS for the collection of results has been happening progressively. Basic functionalities of logical framework (logframe) management were deployed in OPSYS in 2018. Since 2019, Operational Managers (OM) could select core indicators in the information system. In 2021, a significant milestone has been reached in results monitoring, collection and reporting with the introduction of the concept of primary intervention (PINTV) in OPSYS to capture results for corporate reporting and management tools, such as the External Action Management Report among others.  

        Duration: 25m

          This webinar will provide a short overview on the main differences among the instruments making up the Monitoring and Evaluation ecosystem: Internal monitoring, ROM, Project and Programme Evaluation, and Strategic Evaluations. We will clarify the focus, the different approach in terms of methodologies and implementation, as well as the instruments available in INTPA. Finally, we will describe the supports available to Delegations and HQ Units managing Project and Programme evaluations.

          Duration: 90 m

            The course Expenditure Lifecycle (ELC) is designed to give a comprehensive overview of financial management in the Commission and constitutes the basic financial training module, to be followed by participation in other more specialised training courses, depending on individual roles and responsibilities.

            Duration: 4 hours

              This course is designed to give participants a broader understanding of the financial procedures that apply to the external actions financed by the EU general budget. The main target group is (new) staff working in the field of financial management.

              Duration: 4 hours
                This course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of Fraud prevention in INTPA. The target group is INTPA staff in delegations and newcomers.
                Duration: 1.5 hour
                  This short video explains what the integrated framework is, how it involves you and how it can boost the performance of our Directorate General in terms of Sound Financial Management and Accounting Quality.

                  Duration: 16mm

                    This e-Learning course is for those who are new to the legal and/or financial aspects of the work of DG INTPA. Having a legal and/or financial background as well as being familiar with the work of DG INTPA will be useful, but are not prerequisites for a successful completion of the course.

                    Duration: 1 hour

                      Topic: Encoding Logframes in OPSYS. 

                      The objective of this resource package is to assist users as they navigate information regarding OPSYS and results reporting comprehensively in one consolidated location.  Given the fact that the information available requires extensive study and is available in different locations, we hope that this package will assuage and alleviate concerns of Implementing Partners, as expressed via meetings and webinars.

                        This informative webinar will focus on electronic submission (eSubmission) as it is mandatory for international open, restricted and negotiated procedures in direct management for tenders of EU External Actions DGs since March 2022. This means that paper submissions are no longer applicable for these procedures. The same content will be presented in English and Spanish.  

                        Duration: 2 h 

                        Date – 19 September 2022

                        Time – 10 am to 12 am CEST 

                          This informative webinar will focus on Interventions and Results Reporting in OPSYS which you can access via the Funding and Tenders Portal. The same content will be presented in English, French and Spanish.  

                          Duration: 2 h