There is a land with agricultural crops and with an infographic about agriculture

Agriculture, Rural Development & Fisheries

There hands of men with documents, tablet and calculator

Budget Support and Fiscal Policies

This picture shows teamwork. Hands of business people with gears and laptops in the table, top view

Capacity Development

There is a group of happy students in primary school. They are all laughing and showing hands

Children & Youth

This picture shows the ground fractured by the effects of drought and climate change on a lake in Mexico

Climate Change & Desertification

This picture shows the hands of a businessman sending message by laptop. Gears and business person icons appear in 3D


This picture shows a man voting at the ballot box. Election and democracy concept

Democracy, Elections & Freedom of Speech

This picture shows wooden cubes stamped with the letters SDGs

Development Policies

A man touching a digital screen with icons. Cybersecurity concept network of connected devices and personal data security

Digitalisation & Cybersecurity

People having a meeting at the office. One of the colleagues is in a wheelchair

Disability - Inclusive development

Textbook stack with eyeglasses and stationary on desk in Library. Education concept


Technical vocational training in industry: young apprentices and trainers in the classroom

Employment & Vocational Education and Training

Two wooden gears with green tree in countryside, concept of green economy

Environment, Biodiversity & Green Economy

Businessman reviewing reports, financial documents for analysis of financial information, work concept

Financial & Contractual Procedures

Vine ripened red tomatoes grown in back yard garden for food security

Food Security

A young business man holding an umbrella to shield himself against a strong headwind. Conceptual image depicting adversity

Fragility, Crisis Situations & Resilience

Gender equality and diverging views. Serious man and woman look in different directions, side view, panorama, copy space


Unrecognizable health visitor and a senior man during home visit. A nurce holding hands of a man

Health, Social Protection & Inequality

Woman holding paper human figures at thable. Diversity and inclusion concept

Human Rights

Angry female activist shouting, protesting or announcement for human rights or awareness

Human Rights Based Approach

Shot of a group of young business people using a laptop together during a meeting in a modern office

Knowledge Sharing

Closeup of a paper cutout in the shape of a young man, wearing a flat cap and carrying a backpack, in front of the ocean


Variety of fresh, whole unprocessed food; healthy nutrition, anti-inflammatory diet products, top view


Sectoral concept. Business man searching icon screen interface

Private Sector and Trade

Project manager working with Gantt chart planning schedule, tracking milestones and deliverables and updating tasks progress

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

Innovation technology for smart farm system in laptop with smart technology concept. Asian man farmer working outfield farm

Science, Technology and Innovation